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Colors TV Live Voting App: As we know Colors TV is up with new TV reality show. This show is based on singing and is named as Rising Star. It is a live show which includes Live voting also. So viewers are upto Rising Star Voting App. Because this is only Colors TV live voting App with the help of which you can vote to your favorite contestant live. So lets check it out various details about Rising Star Voting App and its various features. Rising Star Voting App is an app which includes live voting and other contestants for viewers. First time in the history of Indian Television, the concept of Live Voting has been introduced. Therefore, Rising Star Voting App has came into existence. Lets see some more important features about this Rising Star Voting App or Colors TV Live Voting App.

Rising Star Voting App

This is a voting app which is helpful for doing live voting for your favorite contestant. On every Saturday Sunday you can perform Live voting on this Rising Star Voting App. All you just need is to have this Colors TV live voting app. The concept of voting online is introduced in India for the very first time. And it is implemented on rising Star Show. It is going to be really different reality show.

How to Download Color TV App:

The question arises how to perform voting using this app. So here are those steps by which you can vote live. So follow these steps to download Colors TV App.

  • Therefore you have to go to the google play store for having the app.
  • After logging in to google Play sore search for Colors Tv App.
  • Rising Star Voting App
  • When you get the app click on the “INSTALL” button.
  • Rising Star Voting App
  • Mean while Your Installation will start.
  • Rising Star Voting App

How to Vote Using Rising Star Voting App

In order to learn how to Vote using this app, you have to download it first. After that follow these steps.

  • So after downloading app click on open option.
  • Rising Star Voting App
  • Then you will reach on home page of Rising Star Voting App. Choose Rising Star.
  • Rising Star Voting App
  • It will ask you to log in using Facebook or Twitter. 
  • Rising Star Voting App
  • After logging in it will ask if you want to display your pic or not.
  • Rising Star Voting App
  • Choose option between yes or no.
  • Now you are on home screen of voting.
  • Rising Star Voting App
  • So on the day of the show you can vote by checking in for particular contestant and then vote by clicking to Yes.

Rising Star Online Voting

Rising Star Episode 1


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