Rising Star Remix [1st April 2017 Episode] DJ Party 2nd April Episode Result!!

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Rising Star season 1 reached its extreme level. Judges challenges, Competition level reached on a different level. After duet challenge 4 Singer participants (Shreysi, Chelsi, Nitin Nayak, Humsufi band eliminated on 25th and 26th march 2017. After this duet challenge, in next episode on 1st and 2nd April rising star is bringing new concept i.e. Rising Star Remix. On 1st and 2nd, April episode new energy and concept will be there in rising star. On 1st and 2nd April Rising star remix concept will introduce. In which top contestants will participate. In Rising star Remix Participants will sing remix songs along with DJ. So absolutely Rising Star Remix, 1st April 2017, 2nd April 2017 episode is going to be rocking.

Rising Star Remix Episode 2017

Fun, Entertainment, innovations all will be there in this Rising Star Remix episode. Participants, judges are excited for Rising Star Remix round. On 1st and 2nd April, Singer participants will perform along with DJ. So we can say that Rising Star Remix episode singers will prove their versatility. With this 17th and 18th Episode, the race to be a finalist will continue. According to the Show rules 2 Singer participant will eliminate on 1st and 2nd April. Two least scorers will leave the show and will go back home. Their Dream to become India’s first rising star will finish in Rising star 1st and 2nd April episode.

Rising Star Remix

Rising Star 1st April 2017 Episode

In Rising Star Remix 1st April 2017 episode, participants will perform on different Bollywood songs by molding the song into remix. Also, the 1st April 2017 Episode Result will be declared on the same day. Let’s see who will be in the show and who will eliminate. Here we have a list of participants who will perform in Rising Star Remix 1st April 2017 and 2nd April 2017 episode. There is going to be too much fun at DJ remix round. Performances of 1st April 2017 Episode is going to be outstanding and rocking at DJ Beats.And according to the format, one contestant will leave the show on 1st April 2017 episode.

Rising Star 2nd April 2017 Episode


So India’s Top 10 Favorite will perform in Rising Star Remix night on  2nd April 2017 Episode also. Along With the participants judges will also perform on their Favorite songs. Everyone will rock the Stage with DJ Remix on 2nd April 2017 Episode as well. Therefore don’t miss to watch Rising Star Remix. Big entertainment without efforts will be there for all. So many new things will be there 2nd April 2017 episode. But with all these things, it will be difficult for participants because they have to come out from their Music style and to sing in another way. 

Eliminated participants – 1st and 2nd April Episode

As per rules of rising star show. It is clear that Weak performer will eliminate from the show, who will receive least votes from Experts and Judges (India). So on 1st and 2nd April, any two will be eliminated. Name of eliminated participants will update soon after results.

So Viewers stay tuned with us to get all updates about your favorite show ‘Rising Star’. We will give you all updates about rising star remix. Also, don’t forget to vote for your Favorite participants. So Rising Star top 8 Participants will decide after 1st and 2nd April episode.

Rising Star top 10 contestants list

Rising star Duets Challenge result

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