Rising Star India Favorite 16 Red Carpet [Episode 13/14] 18th/19th March 2017

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Finally, India has got their top 16 Rising Stars who will go through forward with the show. And there will be India Favorite 16 Red Carpet. Eviction round finished on 12th of March. Some have taken the flight of their dreams by being selected. And some contestants’ Rising Star journey ended. Their dream to become India 1 Rising Star ended. Failure and Victory are two aspects of life.

These will go through with the Rising star show till last (final). So here we will have Rising Star India Favorite 16 Red Carpet. Now it’s time to next step. Rising Star 18th & 19th March Episode will broadcast live on Saturday and Sunday. It will be India Favorite 16 Red Carpet episode. With lots of new innovations and twists. Top 16 Selected contestants will perform but with different missions.

India Favorite 16 Red Carpet 2017

Eviction Round with duels ki takkar finished in the previous week. Up to 12th March, Singer contestants were fighting to be remaining in the show, and to come in Rising Star top 16 contestants. And now they are in India Favorite 16 Red Carpet episode. Now in Rising Star 18th & 19th March Episode they will perform to win Rising Star. To become the India’s 1st Rising Star. From 18th March, Rising Star India Favorite 16 Red Carpet is going to start. The show will go on Live.

New challenges will set for Contestants. We will see a new segment in the show “Rising Star Red Carpet”. Upcoming Rising Star 18th & 19th March Episode will tell us, what is Rising star Red Carpet. This Rising star Red Carpet twist will open on 18th March only on colours TV at 9 pm. So, show lovers book your seat in front of television. And don’t miss the performance of India’s top 16 contestants’ singers and India Favorite 16 Red Carpet.


Rising Star 18th & 19th March [India Favorite 16 Red Carpet]

From 18th March Rising Star Red carpet is going to on air. In this Contestants competition will not in duels. But each one competition with remaining top 15. In this Rising Star India Favorite 16 Red Carpet, Contestants new journey will start. So Now they all are famous and known by Rising Star top 16 Singers. Which is a huge thing? So more new innovations will see in Rising Star India Favorite 16 Red Carpet on 18th march. So Competition is going to be very tough. Now 16 Contestants are the competition of each other. Till now fight between two singers or in 2 groups. But now fight will be with all. Everyone will try to collect more votes and try to give their best performance in this episode. So Now, this is the fight to win the show. Therefore stay connected.

Rising Star Episode 13th & 14th 

In From 18th march, Race will begin to win the show. The contestant who will gain more votes will be in the show. And last three scorers will nominate to evict. They will go in eviction round. And who will get less score in between three will eliminate from the show. We will see the result on 19th March. So competition is very tough and going to be very hard day by day. And forget to vote. Your single vote matter for your Favourite singer contestant.

So If someone misses the 18th & 19th march rising star episodes, then they can see it on colours official website at VOOT. Rising Star all episodes are available there.

So Let’s see which kind of twists will see in upcoming episodes. Therefore To get all details and updates about Rising Star 18th & 19th March Episode stay connect with risingstarlive.co.in.

Rising star Top 16 Contestants


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