Rising Star Duels Ki Takkar [Aamna Saamna -4th March 2017] Promo/Winner

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Here I am come up with another news from the Show Rising star, which is in highlights since a month. The show Rising Star was started on 4th Feb 2017. And now after one month, the audition round has been over now. Today the show blows up with Duels Ki Takkar. From now on the show will be based on Aamna Saamna of two singers. These singers will perform side by side and Judges and India will vote according to their singing. And the one who will get the highest voting in Duels Ki Takkar will be selected for next round.

Rising Star Duels Ki Takkar

So what is going to happen is just aamna Saamna round. The candidates who have got the same percentage while auditions will perform against each other in Duels Ki Takkar round. So all they need is to be prepare for this round. Because only one of the candidate will get select for the next round. These will perform against each other.

  • Sheuli v/s Ankita
  • Maithili v/s Sayani
  • Ishrat v/s Nitin

So the one who will get high score will get select to next round. 

Duels Ki Takkar

Aamna Saamna Promo & Winner

This Rising Star Duels Ki Takkar will start from 4th March 2017. So I guess this episode will be worth watching. Because it is going to be Aamna Saamna of those candidates who have got the same percentage in audition round. Already the pair who will perform this week is out with names. So tune in the channel at 9:00 pm for watching the show. The promos of Aamna Saamna round has been out now. Check it now. So guys vote for your favorite contestant.

In the case of query regarding aamna Saamna or Duels Ki Takkar round, you can ask us in comments.

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