MTV Roadies Rising 29th April Episode [Eliminated Contestants]

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After auditions, Participants journey started in Roadies rising. Participants have completed 4 rough and tough tasks. Now in MTV Roadies Rising 29th April Episode a new 5th task will give to the participants, which is going to be tougher than previous tasks. This time roadies rising all tasks are shooting in Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh). 4 tasks already had been occurred in Jhansi. 5th Task is going to be very different and will be in Gwalior and then Kurukshetra. One team who will win 5th task will grape immunity and that team will safe from elimination for one week.

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MTV Roadies Rising 29th April Episode

As usual, again Gaylin had come with new twists. She had given task for participant and Gang leader. In this 29th April episode, Gang leaders couldn’t help their team members. They could only see the tasks. Very teams had given their best efforts to win the task. This time Neha’ gang have given a thrilling performance. Let’ see whose gang will win this thriller task on 29th April and will be ruling gang. The team who will win, they will get luxury accommodation as it showed in the show. Also, some others facilities will provide to them. Which will release after the performance. So don’t miss to watch MTV Roadies Rising 29th April Episode. Till now Neha’s gang and Rannvijaya gang is going well. Nikhil gang has been out from the race of becoming ruling gang.

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  • In 22nd April episode, participants have voted out two participants Milan and Mandeep. Participants have evicted Milan from Prince’s gang and Mandeep from Neha’s Gang. Milan has received 4 votes against him and Mandeep has received 8 votes. By the way, Mandeep has received maximum votes. According to more votes, he should be eliminated.

MTV Roadies Rising 29th April Episode

  • But there was a twist in this elimination. Ranvijay gang had immunity. And she had revealed the immunity at this elimination. Out if these two participants, for which Ranvijay gang vote he will eliminate. Ranvijay and his gang decided to vote for Milan. Because Milan was stronger than Mandeep. And Ranvijay decided to eliminate stronger participant. So they vote out Milan.

Therefore, Milan eliminated on 29th April.

MTV Roadies Rising Eliminated Contestants 

We have details of MTV Roadies Rising Eliminated Contestants. Due to their elimination, their team became weaker than other gangs due to the absence of one team members. Also, it will effect on upcoming tasks. Check details of MTV Roadies Rising Eliminated Contestants details.

Eliminated ContestantGang Name
Gurpreet KaurNeha's Gang
Milan VermaPrince Narula's Gang


The journey of these two contestants had over in MTV Roadies. Upcoming tasks and eliminations will tell who will be lucky and who will unlucky. Who will eliminate and who will win.

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